Honda CB100 Super Sport K0 (1970)


In February 2010 I decided to buy a small capacity motorcycle to
start learning a little bit about how to restore and maintain them.

I decided that this bike would not go to a mechanic
and I would carry out the required myself.

The status of the bike when I got it was good, nothing missing,
and everything original, however it had not used for long time.

Since February I have spent a lot of hours on it to get the bike
looking as you can see on these pictures. But still I must
put more hours into it, and the list of things I want to do
to this little Honda CB100 seems endless, but well worthwhile.
So far I have change the clutch discs and springs, replace on
carburetor a complete repair kit including the float and adjust it.
Fix a leaking oil problem on the cylinder. Fix broken lighting switch.
Polish left and right crankcase covers, dampers, external lever
clutch, and points cover. Remove rust on turn signal, clean
marks on exhaust, clean old dry grease on throttle interior,
replace air filter, clean the mug on rotor oil filter, fix broken
steering lock, repaint brand on the seat, replace fuel cap,
replace spark plug and cap, replace broken internal lever clutch,
replace all screws on left and right crankcase and covers,
polish tank and red side covers, fix vibration on the
head light and replace broken right mirror.

After took the photos below I worked on:
Replace complete set (speedometer, clutch, throttle, brake) to
original cables. Replace contact breaker points and adjust it.
Remove blue color from the exhaust. Replace front tyre.
Polish hub front wheel and panel comp front.

Below you can see a few photos with the old
Olympic stadium of Amsterdam as background.

I love this little Japanese bike and ride it whenever I can!

Hugo Gómez

















This is an original advertising of the Honda CB100 Super Sport K0



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